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Nature Boy (2000) - Incest TV Series [All 1-4 ep]

Nature Boy (2000) - Incest TV Series [All 1-4 ep]
A sensitive young man who relishes time in nature is at odds with the rough urban culture in which he lives. This is one of those BBC films you simply can't afford to lose. The main character, David (superbly played by Lee Ingleby)is on a quest to find the father that left when he was a small child (Paul McGann, mostly in feedbacks). He ends up trekking the countryside under threat and the industrial areas who can't be bothered with ecology. But there's Jenny, there's a band of eco-guerrillas - full of good intentions but lacking David's lifelong experience in dealing with Nature. The end is not predictable, certainly not from my point of view... The overall impact on one's emotions is overwhelming.

Language: english

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Rating: 3.8 / Votes: 4
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