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Misaeng (Adult parody) 2015 - Rare korean erotic series (1-10 Episodes)

Misaeng (Adult parody) 2015 - Rare korean erotic series (1-10 Episodes)

미색 (2015)

Korean Playboy TV parody drama based on Misaeng: Incomplete Life. Ahn Grae, who was a former erotic actress, gave up her career as an actor and, on the recommendation of an acquaintance, enters a PL boss. On the first day of work, Ahn Yeong-mi, who was the motive of joining the company, received an unknown bond from the eyes. She can’t suppress the nature of the sexy girl and sometimes seduces Ahn-Grae…

Language: korean


There is a lot of interest in the sequel to tvN's popular drama 'Misaeng'. In the meantime, an adult cable channel released a parody of 'Misaeng', 'off-white', and netizens showed their curiosity. Misaeng created many famous lines. “Should greed be allowed?” It is evaluated that "the road is open to everyone, but not everyone can have it", etc. Numerous netizens seemed to miss Misaeng. When off-white appeared, he started parodying the famous lines of beauty while showing a welcoming expression. “Those who are not yet complete”, the meaning of unborn life, were also parodied outwardly. the netizens “It’s obvious even if you don’t look at this parody” “I do when I want to, but you… ” “After all, it’s OO” “Because there is clearly a difference that cannot be overcome with pride and arrogance alone. It's embarrassing, but I have to satisfy myself first." He left comments such as “Let’s do well” “It was perfect”. 

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