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Rampo Noir (2005) - Film of legendary horror writer Edogawa Rampo

Intoxicating set of challenging and truly frightening images.

Ever since the japanese "call" was released, the whole world knows that asian horror films are more frightening than western ones.
however, j-horror long before the "bell" became an independent and absolutely original genre. Many films are shot on a hand-held
camera (for the effect of pseudo-documentality), actors are unknown to the Western audience, budgets are ten times smaller than
those allocated for remakes of Japanese horror films in America, and still Japanese horror films are confusing, and scare not dead
little girls at all, but the illogicality and ordinariness of the supernatural.

The Japanese taught the world to be afraid thanks to their own centuries-old tradition of kaidans, stories about the supernatural and the afterlife,
which were told on the August night of the O-bon holiday (memorial Day). Stories from kaidans permeate all Japanese art from aristocratic
theater to folk humorous stories. in Japanese horror films, only the necessary set of special effects, everything mystical and supernatural happens
in the semi-darkness, but scares the hell out of you. Ghosts, a woman without a face or with her mouth sliced, demons, not logical avenging not
only their oppressors, but all around, unguided gadgets unknown to the Europeans fetish and a pathological sense of shame – this is an incomplete
set that makes the Japanese, and now all the others tremble in fear and keep looking over my shoulder – don't know who is behind.

Rampo Noir (2005)

Four film adaptations, based on the novels of Edogawa Rampo (who is called the Japanese Edgar Poe) by various directors, are combined into
one project, called "Rampo's Hell". A very characteristic name that fully reflects what exactly these unrelated stories have in common. Four illustrations
depicting mental hell. Different style paintings tell us about how, through one way or another passion of the soul is immersed in a hellish condition.

Language: japanese
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