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Someone down there loves me (2009)

Nekdo tam dole me má rád (original title)

In the distant and beautiful days of the bygone past, Oto's life was almost perfect. A prestigious job, a sexy wife, and a beautiful underage daughter. He had almost everything for a complete sense of happiness.But in one moment, in one inexplicably terrible moment, it was all over, as a result of the robber's attack, Oto became a cripple, chained to a wheelchair and can only blink independently. However, Otho had no idea that the worst nightmare of his life was yet to come. It would have been easier if he had lost his mind, but no, Otho's mind remained crystal clear. The more painful it is to see how his wife increases the dose of vodka , the more painful it is to see how she, completely drunk, drags one man after another into the house, into THEIR bedroom. Once at night, three scum break into the house and rape and beat his wife and daughter to death in front of Otho, but they leave him alive, not without reason believing that he will still be unable to do anything. For two days, a wheelchair-bound invalid is forced to stay in the same room with his murdered loved ones, and all this time he turns to God for help. Desperate that God can't hear him, he asks the devil for help. And he does not keep himself waiting - his messenger appears in the form of a bearded man with glasses, rather like a lawyer. As usual, they make a deal, and the devil gives all three scum into the hands of Otho ... But at the same time, he shows him other aspects of life that make him think about eternal concepts - good and evil, the meaning of life, faith ... "Someone down there loves me" - not "horror" in its purest form, rather art-house. This is a super-rigid, dark and at the same time overflowing with the philosophy of existentialism, in which the anti-religious element is extremely strong.
Subtitles: english

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