Rare Old and Young sex scenes from Mainstream movies

Vintage Erotica Anno 1920 (2006)

After the horrors of the First World War, a sultry madness takes hold of the French society that no authority can stop. The clandestine cinema is commercialized at the back of specialized booksellers and whorehouses for very delighted customers, through short films. Costumed as priests and nuns, ballet dancers, satyrs, sparrow, apes, telegraph operator, in monk or in bellboy, never mind, everything is a pretext to describe love affairs which crudeness and humor have nothing to envy to the contemporary erotic cinema.

List of videos:

01. Zut! Zut! Ma Legitime [2:44]

02. Le Satyre Casimir [4:13]

03. Un Apres-Midi A La Fumerie [3:11]

04. Au Clair De La Lune [4:52]

05. Les Mesaventures de Monsieur Gross Bitt [6:12]

06. Les Deux Columbines [5:43]

07. Seduction (Le Duc De Sommerange) [6:23]

08. La Coquette Aux Bas Blancs [5:17]

09. Le Retour De L'explorateur [6:45]

10. Pierrette Allait a la Riviere [2:23]

11. L'Amour Chez Minouche [7:19]

12. La Lecon de Piano [7:24]

13. Le Pedicure Enflamme [3:37]

14. Les Bas-Fonds Napolitains [2:53]

15. Untitled [3:39]

16. Le Telegraphiste [8:28]

17. Mariage Ultra-Moderne [6:41]

18. Gisele et le Groom [6:48]

19. Apres La Confession [4:31]

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