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Exclusive full version of rare film Maladolescenza (1977)

A teen boy grows from playing and fighting with his German-shepherd dog, to playing kids and adult games with two equally young girls, in a dream-like forest which eventually turns eerie, and somber.

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Maladolescenza - a romantic drama in 1977 by Italian director Pierre Giuseppe Murgia. In different countries the film is known by other names: the German name: "Spielen wir Liebe", French: "Jeux interdits de l'adolescence", English: "Playing with Love" or "Puppy Love"

The forest with its mysterious places: ruins, caves, waterfall, lake, becomes a place of constant meetings **-year-old Laura with a somewhat eccentric boy Fabrizio, who is experiencing serious problems of the crisis of transition age. The first proximity, and it seems that she is happy in this world and share the happiness indestructible. However, love, emphasized by sex, brings the fruits of problems and a fair share of disappointment.

The boy, in the literal sense of the word, begins to mock the unhappy Laura, her affection and her feelings. He deliberately humiliates her. The game takes a hard and even cruel character. Laura is put in the position of a slave, immensely loving her master. And in this performance Fabrizio actively plays along with Sylvia, as young as Laura, but more daring and sassy. Both girls like Fabrizio. The tension between the three characters in a love triangle increases and having reached peak — is broken by the tragedy.

Yes, this is one of those pictures, the debate around which will not cease, probably never.

Everyone who sees in the movie porn or forbidden erotica is not right, this is one of the best films about the age that has ever been shot, the Directors boldly crossed the line and touched on forbidden topics.  What Fabrizio and Sylvia are going through in the middle of the film is an undisguised, absolute Paradise that not everyone has had in life — and not necessarily at that age. Yes, this Paradise is happening against the background of the suffering of the first girl — Laura, in love with Fabrizio; Yes, the boy and Sylvia — weak and selfish creatures, finding pleasure in bullying Laura and forcing her to watch their sexual achievements... But when you look like they are naked running across the field and lying in the grass, as they bask in a homemade bed of mattress and blankets in the middle of boulders and waterfalls — somehow even forget that next to the rock beautiful and bright creature finds no place from unrequited love and loneliness.

The world of " Slutty childhood "is a world completely separated from the" big " reality. There are no parents, no cities, villages, apartments and schools. There is only wood-special, and for children and at all fantastic, reality. And in this surreality reveals the most unrestrained teenage feelings-extreme cruelty, uncontrollable lust, a sense of superiority over the weak and defenseless. All this in varying degrees every one of us — someone managed to wise up and resist the instincts, but someone like Fabrizio, gave them a full course... and it ended in the tragic result

The film leaves more thoughts than impressions — there is no special depth, there is no good game — children mostly just work out the text (not counting the erotic scenes, where they just give all the best). But there is a beauty, and a lot of music, scenery, forests, waterfalls, caves, ruins of an unknown stone castle in the end — Sylvia performed the same Eva Ionesco, which 34 years later, took "My little Princess"... Yes, Yes, the famous model-the child of the adult magazines of the 70s appears in "slutty childhood" throughout his young-year-old glory, first and foremost, I would call the film the only footage of the forbidden delights that were reflected in the photographs of her mother, and then the photographer Jacques Bourboulon. Only here photos of photos, and the film exposure was somehow justified by the General sense of the plot, so in the case of "... childhood," I would all the controversy about the (in)pristinethe and the (in)allowable stopped. Just tune in to the frivolous ' 70s, turn on aesthetic imagination... and watch

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