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Love Strange Love (1982) - Rare Erotic Incest Movie

Language: portuguese, russian
Subtitles: english


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Rare version of the infamous erotic incest movie Love Strange Love (1982)  

Amor Estranho Amor (original title) in acceptable quality

This Brazilian erotic thriller tells the story of a young 12 year-old boy named Hugo who is sent to stay with his mother in a large, expensive house. It turns out that the house is a brothel and his mother is one of its resident prostitutes. Left to himself in such surroundings, he could not help finding adventures that seemed strange to a child of his age. It is there that he is mesmerized by the turmoil of adult life, filled with unrestrained sex. Priestesses of love do not ignore the appearance of young Hugo in their house. Tired of the company of rich old men, they often go to his room, surrounding Hugo with female affection.


The main reason to watch this film is the presence of Xuxa Meneghel. She plays a prostitute named Tampa who passes herself off to her customers as a German virgin, does a long striptease, and tries to seduce Hugo -- a far cry from the image she put forth several years later as Xuxa, the host of a wildly popular international children's television show produced in Brazil.




Xuxa bought the rights to this film, and it became banned in Brazil. She also bought up all the available film cassettes and destroyed them, and there was a time when it was almost impossible to buy this film . And if it did, it was of a disgusting quality.

Since the contract did not include the release of an image for the video, XUXA models, through a court injunction, ordered the collection of all the original cassettes of stores and stores in the country, yet 4,000 copies were sold before justice banned its distribution, making the film a true legend

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