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Senza vergogna [1986] - Italian mature woman/boy drama

A partially paralyzed teenager is failing to have sex for the first time. He's eager but clumsy and sickly, so the local country girls reject him. He starts to realize that the only affectionate person in his life is his beautiful mother. StoryLine : Giorgio and his wife Alessia live in a large estate in the countryside in Viareggio. They have a dull marriage and she is unsatisfied. But he has other affairs. They often row. They have a paralyzed son Andrea, whose main purpose is amusement in spying with a telescope from a wheelchair, or even through the keyhole, the asides, which are legitimate or not, the hot mother. He, as a teenager feels the natural promptings of his age, but his efforts, rare and clumsy with peasant girls in the housing business, either by Aretha, the blonde housekeeper. Giorgio dies from a downstairs fall at home at night, the tension becomes acute. Massimo, a handsome man buys the estate and starts quickly wooing Alessia and manages to win resistance of craving widow. This aggravates and upsets the unfortunate boy and she hears his screams and leaves Massimo and runs home to the new man of the house. She will be starting a new sex life with her own son who was denied and humiliated other women.

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