Rare Old and Young sex scenes from Mainstream movies

Taboo 5 - The Secret (1986)

By popular demand, the master of erotica, Kirdy Stevens, brings you the fifth in the most talked about, critically acclaimed, and award winning series of motion pictures starting with the original Taboo. And now comes the long awaited Taboo #05. Voluptuous Colleen Brennan plays Mary, a split personality who is a madonna by day, but at night her other self surfaces as a seductress who drives her son, wild with desire. Again, Kirdy Stevens masterfully penetrates the decadent world of secrets as no other adult film director can. As the intricate and sordid story unravels, the web of carnality slowly and sensually envelopes all whose raw passions reveal their innermost secrets from the voracious Amber Lynn and her black paramour Jonathon Younger to hot blooded newcomer Porshe Lynne, to the daughter Karen Summer, Kevin James as Junior, Shone Taylor as the son, wild and kinky Lorrie Levitt and Jamie Gillis in his continuing role as the psychologist.


01:54:22 / 652×436 / 1.11 GB 


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