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3 Needles (2005)

A local family was paid to move out of their homestead for a week in order to shoot the monastery scenes.

Hilde the Missionary Nun (Olympia Dukakis) narrates three separates stories, each directly concerning the A.I.D.S. crisis. From a Montréal based order, Hilde the Missionary Nun, Mary the Nun (Sandra Oh), and Clara the Novice (Chloë Sevigny) have just arrived in South Africa to work as nurses in a plantation's medical center. They learn that legend there has it that having sex with a virgin will transfer infection out from oneself. Because of this legend, an infant girl is raped. Clara, who also learns the main cause of the virus' spread within the plantation, does whatever she can to ensure that Hallyday, the Plantation Owner (Ian Roberts), flexes his economic power to right the wrongs on the plantation. Back in Montréal, Denys, the Porn Actor (Shawn Ashmore), has been cheating on his mandatory monthly H.I.V. tests, using his father's blood to pass as his own. As he believes he has been exposed to the virus, the negative results will allow him to continue working. When he is caught, Olive Cowie, the Porn Actor's Mother (Stockard Channing), learns the hard way of her son's true H.I.V. status and his occupation, and devises a strategy for his well-being. Denys also learns the consequences of his actions. And in China, pregnant Jin Ping, the Blood Smuggler (Lucy Liu) works on the black market trade of blood. She buys the blood of the majority of adults in one village, but only of those who qualify. After her visit, those who sold their blood begin to get sick. Tong Sam, the Rice Farmer (Tanabadee Chokpikultong), who was ill the day of the blood sale, and thus could not give, has to figure out why all of those around him are getting sick and dying, including members of his own family.
Subtitles: english

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