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‎The Dark Side of a Woman (2005)

other title: Segreti di donna 2

Once finished her studies and the stage in the U.S.A., Jane Dimao returned to her town in Asia, to start her profession as psychologist with the specialization in woman's sexual pathologies. In carrying out her activity , Jane will have the opportunity to face with different patients, anyone of them with different sexual problems. Her involvement towards her patients background and the reading of the book she wrote with her good friend and teacher Nicole Wilson, will bring her to experience the same stories being told by her patients. That's why Jane will find herself committed in different sexual situations with no limits to her transgression. This will make her aware of an unknown deep part of herself. She will be abused… she will prostitute herself in a brothel in the outskirts of her town… she will give herself to strangers in a partners swingers club... she will experience sex in all its aspects.

Language: english

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