Rare Old and Young sex scenes from Mainstream movies

Don't Touch the Art, Touch Me (2018)

Two strangers get naughty in an art gallery. Luckily for them the security guard does not mind, as long as they don't touch the art... "Oil paints. The smell, the texture. How they stay wet for so long after being placed on a canvas. Those oils that are squidgy, with a dry surface layer that you can push and a small amount of wet paint leaks out. Like pre-cum on the end of a cock. I'm in a gallery. I know security is watching. I move as close as I can to the paint. The smell fills my nose. The texture. I want to touch it. I'm not allowed. Security would see. But I can touch you, handsome stranger. I'm sure Security wouldn't mind seeing that. As long as we don't fuck on the art."

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