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Jism 2 (2012) / BluRay 1080p + English subtitles

The film begins with a scene showing a porn actress From the Dead lying on the grass, but her soul says she wants to apologize to someone for her sins.

Six months earlier, Izna was hired by intelligence officer Ayan Thakur and security chief Saldana to become a “sweet trap” and help them get critical information from dangerous terrorist Kabir Wilson. During this mission, Ayan learns about Izna's previous relationship with Kabir, during the period when Kabir himself worked for intelligence. During one of her missions, where Izna was used to sell drugs in a pub, which she did not know about, Kabir arrested the guilty drug dealers, and Izna explained that she was innocent. Kabir took the coin from her and told how the coin saved her from arrest. He saw her pick her up on the street after she dropped what a man from a drug cartel would not do. Izna fell in love with Kabir and followed him home, handing him a love letter written in her own blood. Both began to meet, but one day Kabir disappeared without any words. Six years passed, and Izna did not find him, despite a lot of effort.

After Izna agrees with the mission, she is taken to a residential colony in Sri Lanka to live where Kabir lives under the identity of a musician. They are asked from the inside to act as Ayan’s bride and tells how they both met with each other. Then, they asked Izna to go to the house of Kabir to introduce himself as his new neighbor, but he behaves as if he does not recognize her. The next day, he writes “Sorry” on the window with his blood, but runs away as soon as the phone rings. Kabir attacks the team of Guru Saldana, but Saldana escapes and plans to stop the operation. Ayan decides to steal data from Kabir, while Izna must lure him out of the house. From the outside he sends a letter to Kabir, saying that he wants to meet, and Kabir leaves his house. Ayan sneaks into Kabir's house to steal data. When he copies the data from Kabir's laptop, he gives Kabir a warning on his phone, and Kabir returns. Ayan runs away with the data, but later discovers that all this was falsified. Izna says that she will never forgive Kabir and will not let him down.


Kabir, who still believes from outside, never had reason to suspect her; unlike his friend Sumit, who suspects her and warns Kabir. Kabir invites her to marry him and asks Izna to move to his house and leave Ayan. Izra agrees. But at the same time, Ayan, who fell in love with Izna, gets angry at hearing this. She says that she can steal data as soon as she gets into Kabir’s house. She moves and begins to live with Kabir. Kabir asks Sumit to find a priest for marriage, who accidentally reads SMS to Ayana on her phone, which proves that she is a spy. Sumit goes to kill Ayan, but instead he is killed in the battle for weapons. Ayan calls Out for an urgent conversation and expresses his fears that they can no longer take risks, and when Kabir finds out that Sumit is killed, he will kill Inside. Ayan gives her poison and asks her to add it to Kabir's drink.

While Izna is not at home, Kabir goes to Ayan's house and discovers Sumit's hearing aid. To find out more about Sumit, Kabir searches the house and ends up opening a book in Izna’s bag, which tells a similar story that Izna told Kabir about her meeting with Ayan. This confirms Sumit's suspicions, and Kabir awaits Izna. When she returns, she offers him coffee, in which she added poison. Kabir tells Izna that several years ago he left Izna due to a special operation, during which he discovered that the security officers and politicians of the country were corrupt. Therefore, he compiled a list of bribe takers and began to kill them. According to Kabir, he was a patriot, not a terrorist.

Throwing away the poisoned coffee, Kabir tells Izna that Guru Saldana is a scammer and his team are cheaters who will kill Izna when they receive a hard drive containing the list. He asks Izna to run away and offers her a new passport, tickets and access to an account held in a Swiss bank from which she can withdraw money. When Kabir kisses her before separation, Izna shoots him in the stomach, from which Kabir immediately dies. Having escaped with a hard drive, she goes to Guru Saldana and passes it to him. However, she soon finds out with surprise that Guru Saldana is indeed a fraud, as Kabir said, and that after this mission she should have been killed. Ayan received a corresponding order, but changed his mind when he fell in love with her. When Saldana himself tried to kill Izna, Ayan himself would kill him.

Izna tells Ayana that because of this fraudulent mission, she killed an innocent man and the love of her life, who blindly trusted her. Izna says that she would rather die with Kabir than live with Ayan, and is trying to get away with a hard drive. Ayan threatens to shoot her if she leaves the house, but Izna still leaves. Ayan follows her and then shoots in the back. Still



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