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Hotel Erotica (2002) - Season 1 | (All 13 Episodes)

This review is for a UK DVD three-disc box set of a series. Disc one, titled "Caught in the Act," includes episodes "Model Behavior," "Chasing Jamie," and "Fast and Curious." Disc two, named "Bedroom Fantasies," features "Blue Plate Special," "Falling in Lust Again," and "Love Potion No. 10." The final disc, "Anything Goes," contains "Chatroom," "She's the Boss," and "Legally Yours." It's a mystery why the other four episodes in the series are not included, as there appears to be sufficient space on the discs. Each episode begins with Chloe (played by Lauren Hayes), the hotel manager, reading a letter from a satisfied customer. The narrative then unfolds as guests check into the hotel, with "Blue Plate Special" being the exception, focusing on a waitress. The writers deserve credit for creating diverse storylines. For example, "Model Behavior" revolves around two models competing for the attention of a photo crew, while "Falling in Lust Again" explores the rekindling of love between a man and a woman who had previously parted and meet again at the hotel. "She's the Boss" delves into the story of a male secretary who surprises his female boss, demonstrating his true capabilities, much to her pleasure. All episodes lead to explicit nudity and sexual content. It's unsurprising that all the characters in the hotel are portrayed as beautiful women and handsome men. Even the initially geeky secretaries undergo transformations when they remove their glasses and let down their hair. The sexual content is abundant but may appear too frantic and artificial to some viewers. The camera work could have been more restrained, as it often focuses too closely and moves excessively to capture every detail. As is customary, loud music accompanies the sexual scenes. Interestingly, the end credits mention the Palm Canopy Hotel on Singer Island, Florida, though some people have suggested it doesn't appear on maps of Florida. Nonetheless, the scenery does resemble Florida more than Utah or Las Vegas. Overall, this series is a commendable effort, and it's regrettable that the second series is still awaiting a UK DVD release. The review rates it at 4 stars.

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