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Blue Jeans (1982) - Adult movie

Fashion designer Gene and his buxom wife Debbie are a loving couple. Alas, Gene's secretary Elley goes for his privates in a locker room, and Debbie runs away after seeing them. After she faces Gene, Debbie gets together with her old acquaintance Tony. Meanwhile, a party goer hippie woman knocks by mistake on the couple's door, but decides to seduce their new hired Mexican chef Ric. Debbie's sister Cindy comes to visit and reminds Debbie how close they were. As important client Mssr. DuBois arrives for dinner, Cindy drugs the food. Already high herself, Cindy seduces chef Ric in the kitchen. With everybody else also high, Cindy goes for DuBois' privates. The only one who avoided the food was Debbie, who uses the chaos to run off with Tony who sneaked in earlier.

Language: english

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