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Lust Inferno (1982) - Adult Incest Movie

Shattering all of the carnal commandments, a self-ordained messenger of the Lord, Reverend Jerry, leads an insidious double-life. Passionately imploring his followers to donate freely to hi cause, the good Reverend misdirects the funds towards his hedonistic pursuit of sexual depravity at Madame Blanche's- a whore house where he preaches to the painted ladies with his "true sword of the Lord." Meanwhile, the Reverend's family is to seek warmth and affection elsewhere. Where his wife easily finds sexual solace with her psychiatrist, and his older daughter attends a poolside orgy, his younger daughter disguises herself to go to work at a notorious house of ill-repute - Madame Blanche's. Inevitably, Reverend Jerry is entranced with the new girl and demands her services. When she refuses, he has her kidnapped, setting in motion the soul-searching climax that makes Lust Inferno one of the most unforgettable films you will ever see.

Language: english

Lust Inferno (1982) Lust Inferno (1982) Lust Inferno (1982)
Lust Inferno (1982) Lust Inferno (1982) Lust Inferno (1982)

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