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Guinea Pig - Complete Rare Film Series (1985-1990)

Guinea Pig - Complete Rare Film Series (1985-1990)

Perhaps no TV series in the world has ever attracted as much media and public attention as the famous Guinea Pig

Producer and screenwriter Satoru Ogura had the idea of making a series of ultra-horror films that would shock even horror fans. Ogura named his series ''The Guinea Pig'', and invited Hideshi Hino to collaborate. When The Devil's Experiment appeared on video store shelves in 1986, it instantly became a bestseller, captivating Japanese audiences with its uncompromising brutality. Fans of violence and blood demanded a sequel, which they got in the form of Flower of Flesh and Blood, the sales of which went off the charts for two months in a row (during which the video stayed in the top ten sales, surpassing many Hollywood blockbusters). The buyers' interest was also roused by a clever marketing campaign which shamelessly stated that the public could see a real snuff-movie, which many believed, since the first run of The Devil's Experiment had no titles at all.

In 1986, JHV makes a third episode, "He Never Dies", in which the viewer can see some history and "character development" :) Of course, the guts and blood didn't disappear from the screen, but their presentation was no longer so overtly exploitative, and the intensity of these scenes could not be compared to the first two tapes. "He Never Dies, like its predecessors, sold great, and the company followed it up with a documentary, The Making of Guinea Pig, which recounted the making of the first parts of the series.

In early 1988, director and screenwriter Hideshi Hino repeated the tremendous financial success of The Flower with Mermaid in a Manhole, the fourth episode of the series, which held the top ten video sales in Japan for a month. In late 1988, the fifth episode, "Android of Notre Dame" is released, which, although it sold well, but not as well as "Mermaid", which many consider the masterpiece of the entire series.

But here in the fate of "Guinea Pig" comes an unexpected, and already really bloody turn. At the end of 1988, in Saitama Prefecture, murders of little girls aged from four to twelve began, which were quickly dubbed "The Little Girl Murders". In July 1989, the serial killer was caught and it was the twenty-seven-year-old Tsutomo Miyazaki, a sociopath with a manic interest in anime and manga. During a search of his house, they found about six thousand (!!! - to be precise, 5763) video cassettes, some of which contained pornographic anime hentai) and slasher films. There were also five episodes of Guinea Pig in his collection, the second of which ("Flower of Flesh and Blood") he allegedly inspired for one of his murders. The press, of course, was quick to point this out and started a huge campaign against "violent pornography and horror" by calling his actions "The Otaku Murders", which caused a real panic among common anime and manga fans. According to the press, almost all the movies in his collection were hentai and violent slashers, when in fact most of the tapes were just anime, like the comic "Dokaben". Anyway, Guinea Pig was back on the radar, and to ease the tension (and make some money in the process, of course ;)) the producers released the final part of the series in 1990, Devil Woman Doctor, and later The Making of Devil Woman Doctor. Being essentially a straightforward comedy, this film restored Japanese horror fans' confidence by rehabilitating their fascination with guts and blood, which in the new film could be watched with the smile of a baby on their lips. The fake blood and death in this series eventually became hilarious.

in 1991, a cut of "the best hits" from the most violent and bloody episodes of all parts of the series, collected by the "founding father" Satoru Ogura, was released. It was this final release that caught the eye of the American horror guru Chas Balun, who began to distribute the films of the series in the States. Very soon, videotapes with ultra-bloody Japanese exotics took on a life of their own, and one of them fell into the hands of the famous Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen, who, absolutely stunned by what he saw, immediately contacted the FBI and demanded to "find and punish the producers of snuff." The FBI thoroughly investigated the celebrity's statement, and came to the conclusion that this film is a fake, but the story has already been picked up by the American mass media, who inflated it to impressive proportions. The apotheosis was the full demonstration of "Flower of Flesh and Blood" in October 1996 on one of the public channels of San Francisco...

The American epic of the series ended safely on this, but in other parts of the world, ultra-bloody Japanese realism continued to excite the imagination. So, in 1992, the "Flower" fell into the hands of one of the Swedish lawyers, who, following the example of Mr. Shin, immediately handed over the tape to the police. The police, in turn, sent the film for examination to a pathologist, who for a long time could not understand whether it was a fake or not. In the end, together with other experts, the Swedes came to the conclusions of their American colleagues that the film was a fake, and quickly closed the case without waiting for public publicity. A little less lucky was the 26-year-old Englishman Christopher Berthoud, who guessed to import into the country "Flower of Flesh and Blood", "Infant Brain Surgery" and "Faces of Dissection", bought by him in the American mail-order "Blackest Heart Media". Vigilant British customs officers opened the parcel, watched the movie, and... The imprudent Christopher was arrested on charges of importing snuff films. During a search of his house, they found an impressive collection of feature films and documentaries about serial killers, along with a bunch of "ordinary horror". At the trial, the prosecutor made a speech in which, in particular, he stated that "this video falls under the category of snuff films, and although the murder of an Asian girl is not real there, but everything is filmed so realistically that it creates a terrible illusion of the reality of what is happening." Christopher had nothing to cover, and the court found him guilty (on charges of importing snuff), replacing the prison sentence with a fine of 600 pounds. After this decision, newspapers all over Britain were full of headlines "DEATH CRAZE MAN'S SNUFF MOVIE SHAME"... ;)

As you can see, wherever the films of this series appeared, they caused a storm of emotions and a lot of scandals everywhere, which eventually led to a ban on releasing new tapes under the "Guinea Pig" brand in Japan. Officially published only in the Land of the Rising Sun, these films were distributed worldwide in the form of bootlegs and illegal copies, in 2002, two official DVD releases of this series were released at once — from Devil Pictures in Germany, and from Unearthed Films in the States.

In many printed sources, the dates of individual episodes are incorrect, below are the exact production dates (and the Japanese title) of each film:

1. Devil's Experiment (a.k.a. Akumano Jikken, a.k.a Unabridged Agony) — 1985
2. Flower of Flesh and Blood (a.k.a. Chiniku No Hana, a.k.a. Slow Death: The Dismemberment) — 1985
3. He Never Dies (a.k.a. Senritsu! Shinanai Otoko) — 1986
4. Making of Guinea Pig (a.k.a. Mekingu Obu Za Ginipiggu) — 1986
5. Mermaid In A Manhole (a.k.a. Manhoru No Naka No Ningyo) — 1988
6. Android Of Notre Dame (a.k.a. Notorudamo no Andoroido) — 1988
7. Devil Woman Doctor (a.k.a. Peter No Akuma No Joi-San) — 1990
8. Making of Devil Woman Doctor (a.k.a. Bangaihen: Akumano Joi-san Meikingu) — 1990
9. Slaughter Special (a.k.a. Zansatsu Supeshiyaru) — 1991
10. Lucky Sky Diamond (this film is not an official part of the series, but is often referred to as such) - 1989

Language: japanese
Subtitles: english

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