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Applecart (2015) - Incest in Horror Movie

There are four segments: ***** Part 1 - The Sleepover: A cookie-cutter family enjoys an evening at home when the daughter's best friend comes over to visit and spend the night. The dad has an unhealthy obsession with his daughter and her friend which has lead to him spying on them. They are secret lovers and dad's voyeurism has led to his wife feeling neglected. This forces her to take drastic measures to get her family back. ***** Part 2 - Caretaker: A loving son takes care of his aging father who is unable to take care of himself. He hires a nurse to take care of him when he is not around. However, she is a fowl woman that sexually pleasures herself in front of old man and pisses in his food before forcing it down his throat. The old man finally has enough and stands up for himself. ***** Part 3 - Dad: A man and his daughter live together. She has a boyfriend that the father does not approve of and to make matters worse, she just found out she was pregnant. The father is a religious man and carves a cross into her hand before sending her to her room. Her boyfriend climbs in through the window and sees what her father had did. He attacks her father but he can't overpower the man. The father strangles him and leaves to hide the body. While he is gone she enters the bathroom to remove the child from her body in the crudest of fashions. ***** Part 4 - Let me Show you Something: A factory worker has a crush on a pretty little girl that refuses to give him the time of day. He stares at her everyday at lunch but one day she fails to arrive. After work he visits a co-worker and discovers that he had kidnapped her and has her tied up in his attic. He tries to convince him to rape her but he likes her too much to do so. He takes a crowbar to his friend but before he unties her he decides to rub one out.

Language: english

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