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Nymphomaniac: Vol. II - Directors Cut (2013)

His four-hour erotic drama "Nymphomaniac" Dane Lars von Trier prudently divided into two parts, so as not to let the viewer get tired, at the same time to keep the intrigue. In the first part, we met the main character – the nymphomaniac Jo, cornered by circumstances, complexes, sex addiction and reflection. She is found beaten and exhausted on the street and taken home by a man named Seligman. Gradually recovering, Jo tells how and why she came to this life. The second part of the film is dedicated to the later years of Joe's life. After becoming a mother, she finds that intimacy with her husband no longer brings her pleasure. After discussing this with her husband and getting his permission to have sex with another man, she tries to find happiness on the side with a black handsome man. However, instead of the desired ecstasy, he gets something completely different. Joe continues to search for pleasure, trying one method after another and going to the most daring experiments. What they will lead to in the end, you can watch online in the drama "Nymphomaniac: Part 2".

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I (2013)

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