Rare Old and Young sex scenes from Mainstream movies

Cannibal Holocaust (1980) - One of the most scandalous films

In 1979, intent on venturing into the vast and unexplored areas of the virgin Amazon rainforest, a small American film crew attempts to make a documentary
about the region's indigenous cannibalistic tribes, only to disappear without a trace. As the noted anthropologist, Harold Monroe, and his team of seasoned
guides embark on a rescue mission to locate the missing documentarians in the heart of the Green Inferno, fearful tribes, that no white has ever seen before,
will soon start to take an interest in them. Inevitably, as the professor unearths more evidence about the fate of the film crew by sheer luck, a desperate battle
to recover the raw footage that was paid in blood will commence--after all, the world must learn all about the savage and unspeakable atrocities captured on
the riveting unedited footage. In the end, what has happened to the overambitious explorers, and the shocking final two reels?

The director was fined for animal cruelty, and in his native Italy, the film was banned from showing and viewing for three years. The film was also banned in
40 other countries until 2001.
Because of its scandalous status, in 2006, "Cannibal Holocaust" was included in the top twenty most controversial films of all time according to the magazine
"Entertainment Weekly".»

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