Rare Old and Young sex scenes from Mainstream movies

Behind the Green Door (1972)

At the dawn of cinema, when the camera lens has seen everything and a lot of originality on the screens began to broadcast footage of carnal pleasures.And in order not to draw in the words: anarchy, sodomy, asocial type, etc., the Orgy became a visualization tool that embodies the strength of the idea. The porn had a script, had a higher target than the stupid fucking demo. Nowadays, the stories are reduced to "Teacher and student", "girls sex shop" and "Policeman fines the blonde", a porn scenario became a throwback.

In the Wake of the success of "Deep throat" in the United States was filmed another film, which became very infamous. The picture begins with the fact that several men agree on one case. Then, young guys kidnap a girl and take her to a very strange place. It's an underground theater where live shows take place. Well, then it is clear that the random heroine of the film will be the main role in this show. Interestingly, the creators of "Behind the green door" did not pay too much attention to erotica. All sex scenes take place on the stage and the camera takes the position of "from the auditorium", thus putting the audience of the film on a par with the audience of the show.

Also, I would like to highlight the main role in this film — Marilyn chambers. She started in advertising Procter&Gamble, and then was "Behind the green door." In a few years she will play at David Kronenberg in "Mad"(before she had a role in "owl and kitty" with Streisand), and then will continue the conquest of world porn business.

As in the case of "Throat" picture may be of interest only to fans of the history of cinema. This pattern in the 72 year gained $ 50 million in profit, ahead of "Deliverance" and "Escape" Peckinpah, "Jeremiah Johnson", and losing only three movies.

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