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Women: Stories of Passion - Season 2

Episode 1 - Sing, Sing Me the Blues: A young wife and mother relates the story of her youthful affair with the uncle of her best friend. This doomed love ended in a downward spiral of drugs and left her heart broken and pregnant. Episode 2 - Warm Hands, Cold Heart: A powerful woman who put her career ahead of her personal life goes on a weekend getaway with her husband for their anniversary. She gets a massage from Victor, whose 'warm hands' cause her decide to never shut down her personal side again. Episode 3 - La Limpia (The Cleansing): A widow reads Tarot Cards for a young man and is attracted to him. When she acts on her feelings, she feels guilt brought on by her dead husband's spirit. She performs a cleansing to wash away her bond to him and free her to love again. Episode 4 - For the Sake of Science: Graduate biochemistry students attempt to build a platysmagraph (a device that measures sexual response) using themselves as test subjects. While testing, Josie discovers things about her body for the first time.  Episode 5 - Grip Till It Hurts: A hard-working female grip on a film set fantasises about being with the finance director of a commercial she is working on. She goes all out to seduce him. Episode 6 - Chinese Take-Out: A woman is despondent after her boyfriend returned to the Philippines. When she fails to hear from him her fantasies begin. She then goes on a blind date with an obnoxious bigot but still meets the man of her dreams. Episode 7 - The Little Vampire : The interviewer listens to the story of a young woman who claims to have been turned into a vampire, but finds salvation when she falls in love with a yo Episode 8 - Woman on a Train : Woman meets a man on a train and is lured into a romantic/erotic journey which leaves one wondering how far of a trip did the mystery lady allow herself to go. Episode 9 - Room 1503 : While being pursued by two men in a singles bar, Julie is drawn to the dark-haired woman staring at her from the corner.  Episode 10 - Reading for Pleasure: A listless, apathetic wife becomes erotically inspired while reading a 1940's pulp novel. Episode 11 - Father and Son : A young art student fall in love two men; her teacher and an artist's model who is also her teacher's son. Episode 12 - Hat Trick : The interviewer talks with a woman whose sexual fantasies takes her to three varied and different scenarios; Rual Texas, a hip New York party and a Restoration drama. Episode 13 - Back to the Garden : The Interviewer recounts some of the fantasies she obtained while researching for her new erotic book using flashbacks from previous episodes. 

Language: english


  (All 1-13 EP)

Nude celebs:

Aleksandra Kaniak, Beth Broderick, Sally Kirkland, Siena Goines, Holley Chant, Joanne Takahashi, Sabrina Van Tassel, Arly Jover, Joseph Gian, Lawrence LeJohn, Anthony Beninati, Erin Beaux, Seth Sutker, Gregory Cruz, Jean-Luc Martin, Gabriella Hall, Francesca P. Roberts, Jennifer Edwards, Bahni Turpin, Sharon Ferguson, Cristian Letelier, Peter Jason, George Milan, Scott B. Smith, Athena Worthy, Bernard Zette, Patricia Place, Aileen Acain, Bonita Brisker, Joe Tabb, Lindsley Allen, Courtney Delancey, Jeff Kober, Jsu Garcia, Bertila Damas, Diane Salinger, Roger E. Mosley, Sara Melson, Michael A. Nickles, Kira Reed Lorsch, Viveka Davis, James Black, Paolo Seganti, Lesli Kay, Jamison Jones, Arabella Holzbog, John Furey, Dawn Stern, Jill Andre, India Dupré, Scotch Ellis Loring, Carmen Duncan, Kate Rodger, Daisy Hall, David Beecroft, Steven J. Oliver, Cheryl Bartel, Kaela Dobkin, Harper Roisman, Winston J. Rocha, Kimberly Rowe, David Bortolucci, Delaune Michel, Kelly Galindo, Michael Gilio, Judette Warren, Alina Thompson, T.D. Mitchell, Courtney McLean, Jodi Verdu, Scott Kuhagen, Terry Gatens, Lucy, Alexander Apple, Kent Bradley James, Bruno, Seth Suker, Jan Fulin, Christopher Brandi, Anna Harnandez, Bryan Karl Moeller, Bernard White, Xander Berkeley, Leslie Zemeckis, Kehli O'Byrne, Shannah Laumeister Stern, Laurence Haddon, Eve Sigall, Richard Steinmetz, Leslie S. Sachs, Alec McClure, Rick Negron, Luc Leestemaker, Lisa Welti, Stephen Vause, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Horacio Anthony, Kendahl Thompson, Deasa Turner, Sherilyn Baird, Steven Langa, Brett Dean, Amy Lindsay, Pamela Bellwood, Joe Nieves, Nicolas Coster, Kathy Shower, Daphne Duplaix, Margot Rose, Stewart Finlay-McLennan, Deirdre Imershein, Michael Yama, Tori Sinclair, Dianna Miranda, Clay Greenbush, Nick Kokotakis, Leroy Edwards III, Morgan Englund, Janet Rotblatt, Kiva Dawson, Christina Solis, Stephen Poletti, Evelina Fernández, Michael Otis, Cece Tsou, Justin Carroll, Stephen Peace, James Richer, Chris Shearer, Allen Walls, Michael Jay Green, Chip Holman, Erika Guillory, Ginger Justin, John Gallo, Cara Kavanaugh, Kristina Kelso, Berta Richey, Bryant Weeks, Kevin James Bailey, Mark Lasher


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