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Claudia Rojas & Franciska Rodenas in Lazaro's Girlfriend / ES 2002 (La novia de Lazaro)

Following the call of her boyfriend, Lázaro Dolores comes from Cuba They are Cuban, but he has been in Spain for a year. When she arrives in Madrid, nobody meets her at the airport. Because he is imprisoned for kidnapping and attempted rape. She has no choice but to seek life. He is hooked on drugs and forces her to let heroin into the prison. Shes plays with this role, but he is a lost case and she stops visiting the prison. Her vitality and Caribbean sensuality makes her adapt to Madrid's hectic life without working, until she meets Paco, a Spaniard who gives her stability and teach her a trade, but fear of Lazaro's revenge or his future departure from the jail, will gravitate on the relationship of Paco and Dolores.


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