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Country Cuzzins (1970) - Classic Incest Movie

As the beloved Grandma Peabody's health takes a turn for the worse, the wily and determined Uncle Fester rallies the sprawling Peabody clan for a summertime family reunion. The task? Persuade the aloof and affluent Cousin Prudence to join in. The key? A mysterious batch of Peabody moonshine, with a transformative power that leaves no one untouched. After a few sips, even the most uptight relatives find themselves chasing chickens for a peculiar prize, in a rambunctious competition none will soon forget. But the real adventure begins when Cousin Prudence, now under the moonshine's whimsical spell, extends an unexpected invitation to her luxury mansion in sunny Los Angeles. What follows is a riotous clash of cultures as the mountain-dwelling Peabodys, along with some curious animal companions, descend upon Prudence's lavish abode. Hilarity ensues as Prudence's pristine world collides with the boisterous chaos of her country kin, leading to a gleeful romp filled with surprises, mischief, and a healthy dose of "look but don't touch" antics.

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