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The Intended (2002)

other title: Quando verrà la pioggia | Viidakon vangit

The Intended (2002) - full cover

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In the gripping Filipino film "The Intended" (2002), set in a captivating period drama/thriller backdrop, a surveyor and his buxom fiancée, portrayed by the busty actress Janet McTeer, venture to a secluded Malaysian trading post. As they embark on this remote journey, they come face to face with a ruthless ivory trader and her malevolent family, creating an atmosphere of tension and intrigue. Follow the enthralling tale of love and danger as the couple navigates the treacherous terrain of this distant outpost, confronting the closed-fisted and sinister forces that dwell within. "The Intended" takes viewers on a captivating journey of suspense and mystery, where the intricacies of human relationships collide with the harsh realities of an unforgiving wilderness.

Language: english

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