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Punch (2002) - Incest Drama

Dr. Sam Frizzell lives alone with his eighteen year old daughter Ariel Frizzell in the upper middle class Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver. Sam has dated little since his wife died when Ariel was a young child, he instead focusing his attentions on his daughter. With the exception of sex, Ariel has almost become a surrogate wife for Sam. Ariel, on the other hand, has taken that role one step further, she who has an Electra complex. Ariel has had behavior issues, in large part due to the circumstances around her mother's death and the way Sam has treated her since. As such, she has no real friends and she is home schooled by a tutor - a young man named Markus who often cannot control his student - as she couldn't function within a school environment. Into their lives comes Mary. As their third date, Sam thinks it would be a good idea for Mary to come to his house to meet Ariel. Mary's already tenuous dating life takes a step backward when Ariel is openly hostile toward Mary over dinner, with the evening ending with Ariel physically assaulting Mary. The assault does not sit well with Julie, Mary's sister who works as a topless boxer in a local bar. Like Ariel, Julie has anger issues stemming from her growing up period, with the boxing ring being what she believes her controlled her anger management outlet. Julie does whatever she feels she needs to both to get justice for her sister and to ensure that Mary is happy in whatever relationship she decides to embark

Language: english

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