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Favorite Concubine (2020)

Jun Soo, a rich old man, decides to live in a local villa after retirement due to paralysis and health reasons. Only Jun Soo’s wife, Hye Sook, and Joo Seok, will move to the provinces, and Hye Sook will only wait for the day Jun Soo dies. Jun Soo gradually becomes paralyzed, so he relies on a wheelchair, and Hye Sook meets up Joo Seok. However, Jun Soo suffered from paralysis that night. Unaware of this, Hye Sook and Joo Seok hire Jun Soo’s caregiver to avoid Jun Soo and enjoy comfortably, but Joo Seokbegins to look at the caregiver. After learning about the affair between Hye Sook and Joo Seok, Jun Soo begins to make a secret proposal to So Eun.

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