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A Taxing Woman (1987)

A Taxing Woman (1987) - full cover

Marusa No Onna (1987) - original Japanese movie title

If tax evasion is an art, wheeler-dealer Hideki Gondo is Rembrandt. And so, a determined taxing woman gets the tough assignment of trying to catch him. Story: Ryoko Itakura is a government tax agent who has just landed a big promotion. Her first assignment is to catch wheeler-dealer Hideki Gondo. She has a tough job, since in Japan tax evasion is an art and Gondo is, in effect, Rembrandt. Her job is complicated by a growing sympathy for the rogue and by political pressure to lay off. Overall I really enjoyed this film, though it's no "Tampopo". This is a well-crafted flick from Itami, and I'm certainly glad I watched it, though if you are uninitiated with Itami's work I wouldn't start here. This is a fun, twisting dramedy with a few true laugh out loud moments; come for the charm, stay for the feel good story.

Language: japanese
Subtitles: english

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