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Shabondama Elegy (1999) - Incest and Unsimulated Sex Scenes

Escaping from the Japanese police, Jack stumbles into a bar, where he meets Keiko, a money-hungry 20-year-old adult film actress and the younger sister of
his ex-wife. He takes refuge in her flat and soon they fall in love. He is unable to leave her apartment because he quickly learns that both the police and the
dreaded yakuza are after him. He grows distraught and despondent, spending hour upon hour alone as she works long hours on the set. At one point, she visits
the yakuza don who placed the hit on Jack and agrees to hand him over in exchange for a pile of cash. But she has one stipulation: she wants spend three days
with her soon-to-be deceased lover. The boss agrees only if she engages in kinky sex with him. The deal seems set until unforeseen events occur.

Language: japanese
Subtitles: english

Shabondama Elegy (1999) Shabondama Elegy (1999) Shabondama Elegy (1999)
Shabondama Elegy (1999) Shabondama Elegy (1999) Shabondama Elegy (1999)

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