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Womb (2010)

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The proverbial art-house drama "the Womb" with the magnificent Eva green – an actress who boldly takes on contradictory images – evokes mixed feelings. On one side of the scale - stereotypes and public censure, on the other - the opportunity to return the most valuable thing in life… This is a story of loss that changed the life of a young girl, froze her consciousness, deprived her of the opportunity to change... Only a few lucky people are destined to find their other half. Rebecca and Thomas were lucky in that sense. Eye to eye, hand to hand, they would have gone through life for many years and died in one day, but fate decreed otherwise. An absurd accident had robbed Rebecca of the future as she had imagined it. The cold sea, the biting wind, and the sudden loneliness were all she had left. A disconsolate girl decides on a difficult act - she clones her beloved and becomes a mother to the one who should replace her dead lover. A wonderful boy very much like him: the same smile, the same look. And no wonder, because little Tommy is an absolute clone of the lost Thomas. Tommy grows up, Matures, and here is before Rebecca again the man who is so dear to her heart, he makes her love. And this love is no longer maternal...

Language: english

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