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Gojitmal / Lies (1999)

"Lies" -a drama in the style of pornorealism (the definition of film critics), from the Director Jang Song-Woo.

"Lies" is the creation of South Korean Director Jang Seong-Woo, which became his penultimate film. In General, many of his films received awards at prestigious festivals and received positive reviews from critics.
"Lies" was no exception, although it raised a serious wave of discussions about its scandalous and Frank content.
The film is a popular, fashionable trend-radical art porn. The plot of the film revolves not only around the study of sexual possibilities and limits of a person, but also the unwitting expansion of sexual taboos of the viewer.

An eighteen-year-old schoolgirl named Y, who is afraid of being raped, like her two older sisters, dreams of losing her virginity by consent before she finishes school. J is a middle-aged man, married, and works as a sculptor. It was he who Y chose as the one who would perform the act of defloration with her. Passion and love, which become stronger after each " bed " date, open for Y, a new world of pleasure, to which she gives herself completely. In place of shyness, comes emancipation, which erases the boundaries of what is allowed, raising the enjoyment to a new level. But over time, everything starts to get boring and in search of new sensations, the characters begin to experiment with their own sexuality, not knowing how far they can go. The pain that brings pleasure becomes their new hobby, which they begin to deliver to each other with great pleasure. Which leads to a very peculiar and not unambiguous ending: each of the characters simply uses the other and loses interest, throws the other, as if an unnecessary thing.
The camerawork was to show everything outrageously and openly, but at the same time, I tried not to show close-UPS of the naked parts of the actors ' bodies and the sexual act itself in all details. The film is divided into three parts and has the unpleasant name "Holes", according to the number of" holes " in the female body. Each Chapter, slowly but surely brings the viewer to the main episode, according to the Director's idea, from which the ordinary viewer can turn on the wrong side. People with sensitive minds will clearly be shocked not only by the authors ' imagination, but also by how convincingly the actors play it all out. The Director, Jang sung-Woo, made corrections to the censorship when editing the picture: the genitals that fell into the frame were cut out without regret. However, the film still turned out to be too explicit and its screening was banned in South Korea.

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