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Noce blanche / White Wedding (1989)

The drama White wedding (Noce blanche) is a tender and emotional film about unequal, forbidden, strong and all — consuming love that causes pain and suffering by its very existence. The performance of the actors, especially the debutante Vanessa Paradis, who was underage at the time, is heartfelt and convincing. A young schoolgirl with a broken psyche, Mathilde, through the efforts of a smart, sensitive philosophy teacher, Francois, should better adapt to a civilized society. An elderly childless teacher puts his heart into the girl, he notices her abilities and understands that they have a similar vision of the world. He thought he was holding pliable material, but it turned out he was walking on a razor's edge. Their mutual passion had been devastating. The teacher decided to retreat, but Matilda got in his way.

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Language: French.
Subtitles: English.

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