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   Ana is the sixteen-year-old daughter of divorced parents who was expelled from high school for assaulting a student. Very intelligent, she often comes into conflict with her teachers.
   Her behavior leaves her lonely until she meets Alex, an eighteen-year-old manipulator boy, the son of a Lebanese father and a Brazilian mother. Alex is passionate about testing the boundaries of social rules, questioning their values and weaknesses.

   Together they decided to play Tristan, a professor of literature and Spanish. He is an Argentinian who was politically arrested during his country's military dictatorship. Now married to Bianca, a depressed woman who tried to commit suicide, he is going through a crisis in his marriage.
   Ana seduces Tristan, who is filmed by Alex. Later, the two threaten to release the video online if Tristan does not agree to continue the relationship. Thus, other meetings take place on the campus.

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