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Talk to Me (2007) - Sex with hot teacher

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A brand new ITV drama which chronicles the relationships of London-based thirty-somethings. Talk to Me is focused on popular loose-living Mitch who hosts a late night radio show where he dishes out advise on relationships. Sadly for him, his own are not going quite so well. His co-worker and best friend Woody is finally getting married to his partner of eight years, Claire. But Mitch is secretly in love with Claire, so someone will always be suffering. Mitch's sister Kelly is involved in an unfulfilled marriage with Scott. She wants a baby but he thinks his accidental daughter Charlotte is already one-too-many. This unhappiness pushes Kelly, a secondary school teacher, dangerously close to a young male pupil, Aaron.

Language: english


Talk to Me is typical of the type of drama that is often aired on British TV on consecutive nights after the 9pm watershed. It is an enjoyable, glossy romantic drama that keeps the viewer hooked.

Set in London, its main character is Mitch (Max Beesley), who is the host of a late-night radio phone-in programme that gives emotional and sexual advice to listeners. Mitch is single, but has a womanising streak and a string of romantic liaisons behind him. His best friend Woody (Joseph Millson), who works on the phone-in with him, is just the opposite. He is steady and reliable and has been in a relationship with Claire (Laura Fraser) for 9 years. They have a young baby and are planning to get married. Mitch falls for Claire and they sleep together. There are parallel stories involving a young teacher, Kelly (Kate Ashfield), who is Mitch's sister and who has a sexual relationship with one of her 15- year old pupils; and Ally (Emma Pierson), who is eccentric and will do seemingly anything to secure love. 

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