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House of Tolerance (2011)

other title: House of Pleasures, L'Apollonide (Souvenirs de la maison close)

In the early-20th-century Parisian brothel, "Lumière d'Amour," a group of women navigate a world where debt, pregnancy, opium, and violent clients loom over their lives. Led by the compassionate madam, Genevieve, they form friendships and find solace amidst their challenges. As the women face their struggles, one of them, Isabelle, delves into sociology, risking the delicate balance of power within the brothel. In this complex environment, occasional talks of marriage blur the lines between transactional relationships and genuine desires. Genevieve's fight with the landlord threatens the future of "Lumière d'Amour," leading her to call upon influential clients for help.

Amidst their hardships, the women find strength in each other, sharing support, laughter, and dreams. The film captures moments of respite and celebration, from sun-soaked picnics to somber wakes. An enchanting evening in masks blurs reality and fantasy, while raising questions about expectations and desires.

Finally, a street scene in contemporary Paris serves as a poignant conclusion, leaving viewers to reflect on the timeless plight of these women and the enduring quest for freedom and fulfillment. "Eclipsed Hearts" is a thought-provoking exploration of resilience, human connections, and the pursuit of happiness within a world defined by constraints.

Language: french
Subtitles: english

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