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Shunga Sensei (2023)

other title: Picture Of Spring (2023), 春画先生

n the quaint setting of a long-established café, Yumiko Haruno, a waitress with no clear aspirations, finds her life taking an unexpected turn. During a routine workday, she encounters Ichirou Haga, a middle-aged man captivated by shunga, traditional Japanese erotic paintings. Their encounter sparks an unconventional connection, leading Yumiko to delve into the enigmatic world of shunga under Ichirou's tutelage. As the reclusive shunga researcher opens up about his solitary existence after his wife's passing, Yumiko embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the intricacies of art, passion, and the unexpected bonds that can emerge from the most unassuming encounters.

Language: japanese

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