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Naked Harbour (2012)

Naked Harbour is a movie about Finnish love in the year 2011. It is a story about people who seek love and acceptance at any cost. During one winter week, all its characters face something irreversible. In the Sara-Lauri equation something is wrong; the life designed to be perfect is in crisis. Milla believes she has found a mentor and a way to the stars but the truth is otherwise. Pertti tries to take care of his physical fitness and his son but brings on a catastrophe. The school bullies hassling Walter drive him to an extreme situation. Aleksi's mother doesn't understand how much a dog means to her son. American Robert gets to experience a Finnish winter, and Marika and her little daughter are forced to meet mortal fear. All of these characters are imperfect, weak, and lost, but all are driven by the need to be loved, seen, and touched. They fail to truly touch one another and they hurt each other, but in the background lives hope.

Language: finnish
Subtitles: english

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