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XCompilation: POesie (2019)

Erika Lust proudly presents the XConfessions anal sex collection, an artistic exploration of intimate connections and desires. Delve into the captivating world of HIS WAS FIRST IN MY ASS, featuring the enchanting Tiffany Doll, whose curiosity was ignited by "I Surrender" written by Toni Bentley. Witness the empathetic journey guided by her partner Jay Smooth, as they embark on a sensual exploration of anal pleasure. In I PEGGED MY BOYFRIEND, step into the realm of passionate strap-on anal sex from a unique female perspective. Discover the profound ecstasy and intimacy it brings to their relationship, breaking barriers and defying conventions. DOMINATE ME ventures into the captivating fusion of BDSM and anal sex, starring the alluring Silvia Rubi and Bishop Black. Witness the power dynamics intertwine with passionate desire, creating a mesmerizing and thrilling experience. And don't miss PANSEXUAL, Erika Lust's groundbreaking multi-sex foursome, where boundaries blur, and connections transcend gender. This extraordinary cinematic journey celebrates diversity and embraces the beauty of human sexuality in all its forms, including the rarely depicted man-on-man interactions, pushing the boundaries of mainstream erotic film. Step into a realm of unapologetic expression, where Erika Lust masterfully weaves sensuality and storytelling, leaving audiences mesmerized by the raw authenticity of human connections. Embrace the daring narratives and enticing encounters that redefine the adult movie experience.

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