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Furies (2023)

other title: タン・ソイ: 美しき殺し屋 | L'aube des furies | Thanh Sói

Furies (2023) - full cover

Rape and Revenge

In the action-packed film "Furies" a captivating and enigmatic woman takes on the role of mentor as she trains a group of three young girls to seek vengeance against a criminal gang notorious for exploiting women. These courageous lady warriors, fueled by a burning desire for justice, embark on a perilous journey, risking everything to dismantle the corrupt empire that has perpetuated abuse and oppression. With their unwavering determination and lethal skills, they become a formidable force, ready to challenge and bring down those who have inflicted harm upon the vulnerable. "Furies" is a thrilling tale of empowerment, resilience, and the fight for retribution that will leave audiences at the edge of their seats.

Language: vietnamese
Subtitles: english,danish, dutch, french, hindi, japanese, korean, norwegian, polish, portuguese, spanish, swedish, thai

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