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New Religion (2022)

other title: Nova Religião | Nowa religia

In the film "New Religion" (2022), Miyabi experiences the devastating loss of her only daughter in a tragic accident. This tragic event leads to the dissolution of her marriage, and she finds herself working as a call girl while being in a new relationship. One fateful day, Miyabi encounters a peculiar client who asks to photograph her spine. Curiosity getting the better of her, she agrees, only to be asked for further unconventional photos, such as her feet. As the man continues to photograph her, Miyabi begins to sense the presence of her deceased daughter. She realizes that each photographed organ allows her to perceive her daughter's spirit. The haunting encounters intensify when Miyabi feels a small hand caressing her leg, strongly believing it to be the touch of her departed child. She realizes that the last remaining part of her body, her eyes, holds the key to complete this ethereal connection. As Miyabi's personal journey unfolds, the narrative expands to explore how the loss of one individual can ultimately lead to the unraveling of an entire society. "New Religion" delves into themes of grief, spirituality, and the profound impact of loss on both the individual and the collective consciousness.

Language: japanese
Subtitles: english

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