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The Lover in the Attic: A True Story (2018)

other title: Dolly & Otto | The Man in the Attic | El amante del desván

In the captivating backdrop of 1920s Milwaukee, the alluring and enchanting Dolly finds herself trapped in a loveless marriage to the wealthy yet uninspiring Fred. Seeking an escape from her suffocating existence, she acquires a young "love slave" named Otto, concealing him in the shadows of her attic for years. However, when Otto tragically takes the life of Fred, Dolly orchestrates an intricate tale of a botched robbery to conceal the truth. Chief Detective Herman, a relentless pursuer of justice, remains skeptical of Dolly's account, determined to uncover the real story behind Fred's demise. Unbeknownst to him, Dolly relocates to the glamorous realm of Los Angeles, utilizing her ill-gotten insurance funds to immerse herself in the extravagant lifestyle of the Hollywood elite. It is at one of her lavish soirées that she crosses paths with Herman, a prominent defense attorney smitten by her irresistible allure. Their passionate affair intensifies, leading to a proposal and Dolly's ecstatic acceptance. Throughout her newfound life, Dolly jealously guards Otto as her captive and closely-held secret. However, her seductive charm and manipulative nature may prove to be her undoing, as Otto, consumed by jealousy, realizes he would rather face the full consequences of the law than endure another day under her spell of betrayal and manipulation. As the tale unfolds, the lines between desire, deception, and retribution blur, painting a portrait of a woman teetering on the precipice of her own downfall. Will Dolly's web of deceit ultimately entangle her, or will the tenacious pursuit of justice prevail in unmasking her true nature? In this gripping narrative, set against the backdrop of a glamorous and tumultuous era, audiences are invited to delve into the intricate web of seduction, secrets, and treachery woven by Dolly. Prepare to be captivated by a story that explores the limits of power, passion, and the consequences of one's darkest desires.

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