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The Donor Party (2023)

other title: La Soirée des Donneurs

New adult 2023 sex comedy

Jaclyn's desire to become a mother remains unwavering despite the challenges she faces. Following a tumultuous divorce and disappointing experiences with online dating, she discovers a newfound independence and strength. Jaclyn comes to the realization that she doesn't necessarily require a husband to fulfill her dream of having a child. Supported by her loyal and trusted friends, Jaclyn formulates an extraordinary plan to conceive at a highly memorable and significant event—an exclusive party designed for this purpose. Together, they embark on a journey that defies societal norms and redefines the traditional notion of starting a family. This captivating and empowering story showcases Jaclyn's resilience and determination as she navigates unconventional paths to motherhood. It challenges the conventional beliefs surrounding marriage and parenting, highlighting the importance of personal agency and the strength found in chosen family. Join Jaclyn and her dedicated circle of friends as they celebrate the power of friendship, self-discovery, and embracing non-traditional routes to parenthood. This inspiring tale showcases the beauty of finding alternative ways to create a loving and nurturing family, reminding us that there are countless paths to fulfilling our deepest desires.

Language: english

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