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Carrion (2016)

other title: Carroña (2016)

A storm threatens the coast of southern Mexico. A young couple is traveling to a tropical paradise to rekindle the spark in their relationship. Over the next few days, the romantic vacation turns into its opposite: wild love triangle with violent and unexpected end. With the destruction of the storm comes the transformation. The couple went to a beach resort and met a black man who was their guide and the husband's surfing instructor. The black guy was more considerate to his wife and talked to her a lot. At 7:40, the couple makes love and is interrupted by a noise in the room, as if someone is watching them. Several scenes show Berta's husband being bullied by children. In the second scene, the man in black chases the child away because the husband can't get away, and then immediately sits down next to the wife and talks to her. The husband looked at them and felt that he was not good enough. From this moment on, he began to get tired of the black man and his wife talking and hanging out. The wife was taking a shower in a makeshift outdoor bathroom, the walls of which were so high that she could actually see her upper body from the outside. She turned around and found the black man looking at her. She turned around and seemed to smile a little. At 34:32, the couple has sex again, and this time, we see the black man peeking through a crack in the wall at them. It's a nice little scene, but it looks like the wife is not happy because her husband is cumming too fast. The husband almost drowns while surfing and he and the black guy fight about it. The black man takes the first step and tries to kiss his wife while she is out. She refused her. At 50:23, while the wife is sitting at a table by the ocean, the black man tries to hit on her again. He hands her a beer and then begins to run his hands down her arms. She walks away. He follows her, grabs her and tries to kiss her, but she again rejects him. She went back to her room and told her husband what had happened. The husband went to the black boy's place to confront him, but he was beaten. His wife stopped the black man from continuing to beat him. The storm came and the husband was nowhere to be found. The wife searched for him all over the island. It is said that she went to the black man's place in order to find him there. The black man attacked her again. After some initial resistance, she lets him fuck her from behind (1:03:27). Perhaps instinctively, she was rewarding him for beating and cuckolding her husband.

Language: spanish
Subtitles: english

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