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Taboo IX (1991)

other title: Taboo 9 (1991)

Barbara still feels guilty over her incestuous affairs from 10 years ago. Her sons now have families of their own and she now lives with her new husband. When she catches him cheating on her with a preoperative transsexual, she flips and goes to a therapist, Dr. Jeremy. Dr. Jeremy also still feels guilty over his incestuous affairs from 10 years ago. His daughters now have families of their own and he lives in a mansion with his dominant wife Alicia, who cheats on him with everyone, including his best friend Charley. When he catches his wife with her female lover and she tells him to get out, he becomes seriously depressed. His secretary Jane listens to a recording of one of Barbara's sexual fantasies and becomes so turned on that she even uses a doorknob to his office as a dildo. He's more than confused and turned on when he catches her in the act, but she's not embarrassed at all and has sex with him there and then. Barbara quits both sex and further therapy, while Jeremy, feeling like a loser and not knowing what to do anymore about the fact that he's a cuckold, asks his wife's female lover, Heather for some comfort. Meanwhile, without his knowledge, his horny secretary calls Ken and his wife that he's treating for impotency to come to his office to have a surrogate sex session with her.

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