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Silent Hours (2021) / FullHd 1080 / English

Silent Hours (2021) / FullHd 1080 / English - full cover
Private detective John Duval, an ex-lieutenant commander in the Royal Navy and Naval Intelligence, finds himself the prime suspect in a police hunt for a sexual killer when three women are brutally murdered. After having sex with the landlady, Duval finds her in the bathtub brutally murdered. He collects the used bed sheets and methodically wipes clean all his fingerprints. Then he takes the used condom throwing it in the toilet seat, closes the lid and flushes once. Anyone who has ever tried this, knows a used condom never flushes on first try having an air bubble inside. This is a great thriller, but you have to pay attention to get all the twists and turns. It is not one where you can surf your phone. Not an issue as this will grab you Some say it is overly long and while I tend to agree, there was no point where we were checking our watches -it held us to the end.

Language: english

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