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Forbidden (2001)

"What you can't have... You desire most"

Jason is a young man at a crossroad in his life. He is about to marry his beautiful and adoring fiancée Lisa. But first he has to survive the ultimate bachelor party being thrown for him by his best friend and best man Andy. However, Jason is committed to remaining faithful, and slips away from the festivities to hide out at the hotel coffee shop. There he meets Nikki, a fascinating woman with whom he forms an immediate bond. The two of them end up sharing the perfect intimate night together and agree that it will remain their erotic secret locked away in time forever. Two years later, Jason and Andy have not seen each other since the wedding and Andy relocated to the other side of the country. The old friends plan a reunion weekend at a fantastic Malibu Beach house that Andy has rented. Jason brings his wife Lisa and Andy brings the woman he is planning to marry. When the four finally meet up, Jason is shocked to discover that Andy's fiancée is none other than Nikki.

Language: english

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