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Taboo: The soul is a stranger on earth (2011)

Tabu - Es ist die Seele ein Fremdes auf Erden (original title)

"Taboo" is the story of the forbidden, tragic love of the Austrian poet Georg Trakl and his sister Marguerite — Greta Langen Trakl, who were born out of childhood affection and
turned into erotic intimacy, and then into a symbiotic relationship. Having fallen in love as children, Georg and Greta vow to be together "forever and ever", but fate separates them.
Georg receives a summons to the army, from which he is not destined to return. Greta will not long survive her brother and lover: in 1917, she will commit suicide, shortly before the
first edition of his poems will be published, which will bring Georg Trakl posthumous fame as one of the greatest Austrian poets.

For the script of the film in Austria did not want to take any producer, fearing that the picture will be too Frank and shocking.

"I didn't try to separate the two sides of Tarkle's life - personal and creative," says Christoph stark.- It is impossible to understand what was primary: poetry or his tragic love,
because we are talking about the artist. In fact, Trakl wrote the same poem all his life. Since childhood, the same theme - forbidden love-appears in his work, which could have both
light and dark sides. It seems to me that in German-speaking countries, no one really loves Georg Trakl. Maybe our film will change something. Trakl is well known in Austria and Germany
to those over forty, and his work is included in the curriculum of the Austrian high school. But, I admit, after shooting the picture, I myself began to understand his texts much better.

After filming the movie the Director came to the main conclusion: talent has no boundaries, they do not hear the voice of reason, their feelings break all bounds, and that's what great
art is born. But for all others, borders are necessary so that society can exist and not disintegrate.

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