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Crash (1996) - Cult Movies

Crash (1996) -  Cult Movies - full cover
​​​​James and Catherine are married. All that was left in their bed was cold, casual sex. Recently, there has been a distance between them from each other — time spent together no longer seems to them something out of the ordinary, and they share a bed with completely different people: only there they can fully surrender to feelings and passion. Everything changes in the root of one unpleasant incident-James becomes a participant in a terrible road accident. Arriving at the clinic, he meets the participant in the accident, Helen and her friend Vaughan. James noticed how Helen, trying to unfasten her seat belt after the collision, accidentally exposes one intimate detail and can not forget it. The shared experience of the disaster, causes the victims to exacerbate abnormal sexual arousal. Now everything related to car crashes around them is an object of passionate desire for them. Passion, caused by the sight of warped metal, turns into a dangerous game, which sometimes involves not only the main characters, but also those around them. What will an unusual desire lead to? Is it possible to cope with the excitement that brings pain? Or does the pain cause a feeling of overwhelming animal desire?

Language: english

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