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Schwarzer Panther (2014) - Brother Sister Incest Film

After many years apart, Emilie (26) meets her brother Jakob (22) again. She not only shares her sadness about the loss of their parents with him, but also a secret... It is Emilie's wish to arrange the sale of their jointly inherited holiday house in the Swiss Alps. Unlike her brother, a professional skateboarder, she needs the money as a young entrepreneur. The family business, which she took over with her boyfriend Andreas (29), is heavily indebted. Emilie consciously retains a certain distance toward her brother, having successfully repressed her emotions toward him for many years. But his direct and unashamedly upfront behaviour gradually starts to undermine her cool façade. The vast and pristine alpine landscape affords the two an unaccustomed degree of freedom. The more Emilie suppresses reality, the more Jakob insists on a decision about their joint future. Emilie's rationally-conducted relationship to Andreas and her deep affection for Jakob inevitably come into conflict. Can ... 



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Language: German

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