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Love (2015) - Unsimulated Sex Scenes

At the Cannes film festival, viewers and guests were waiting for a new surprise film called" Love" directed by Gaspar Noe. The picture was quite bold, realistic and Frank. There are a lot of sex scenes, a wide variety of sex scenes that are shown from different angles and described in detail. But without it in love anywhere. Gaspard Noe showed love from all sides. This is a love that fascinates, makes a person the happiest on Earth, brings him joy, this love is tender, passionate, romantic, sweet and relaxed. But it is also a love that will cause pain, one that destroys, kills, brings suffering. The main character of the drama is a man named Murphy. He dreams of becoming a film Director. He has a family a beautiful blonde, a French Electra who loves her husband to distraction, and a beautiful child. On the morning of the first of January Murphy wakes up and realizes that he did not want this life. Turns out he doesn't reciprocate his wife. Murphy remembers another girl he used to date. He still loves her. Therefore, it must necessarily appear in his life and in the life of his wife, even in sexual.

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